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Keep it simple and …?

There is probably no doubt that CMC (computer-mediated communication) has contributed to the rapid spread and innovation of linguistic terms. One example, which I have touched upon elsewhere on this blog, is the phenomenon of shortened forms. Shortening words or converting them into other word classes, known as conversion, are nothing new. But are amaze and totes here to stay?  Could it be that deets, ridic and legit are the new OMG and LOL?

The evolution of communication?

The language use on Twitter, known as twitterese, is characterised by its 140 character limit, thus challenging Twitter users to either keep it simple and short or to become creative. Being creative with language has not always been welcomed, as could also be seen with the appearance of txt-speak. Who has not heard of rumours or myths about the decay of language?

According to the KISS principle, you can either think of shortened forms along the lines of keeping it simple and stupid, simple and short, simple and silly, short and silly… Whatevs you think about these creations, let me know and fill in the 3rd usage poll on shortened forms!