Carmen Ebner (2016), Grammar, Rhetoric and Usage in English Review of: Nuria Yáñez-Bouza (2015) Grammar, Rhetoric and Usage in English: Prepostion Placement 1500-1900. Linguist LIST 27.1498 

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Carmen Ebner  (2015), Review of ‘Language and identity in modern Egypt’ (Book Note) Review of: Reem Bassiouney (2014) Language and identity in modern Egypt,Language in Society 44. DOI:

Carmen Ebner (2015), Teenage Talk Review of: Anna-Brita Stenström (2014) Teenage Talk: From General Characteristics to the Use of Pragmatic Markers in a Contrastive Perspective. Linguist LIST 26.2015

Carmen Ebner (2014), “The dangling participle – a language myth?”, English Today 30/4, 3-4. DOI:




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