Punishing Princes Street

New punctuation cops on the beat. For more information on the Apostrophe Vigilante and Princes Street read on…

Bridging the Unbridgeable

Edinburgh’s Princes Street is a true shopper’s delight. Its countless shops and stores make the hearts of shopaholics beat faster and credit cards moan even louder. Yet, it is not all sunshine and roses down Princes Street. Grammar – or to be more accurate – punctuation sticklers are unhappy about a simple “squiggle”: the missing apostrophe in Princes Street.

The Apostrophe Vigilante is on the beat to pinpoint missing or incorrect apostrophes and encourages the general public to report any evidence of crimes committed against proper punctuation. According to this article in the Independent, measures have been taken to demand correct punctuation by re-establishing the street’s old name: Princes’ Street.

Named after King George III’s two eldest sons, Prince George and Prince Frederick, Princes Street lost its apostrophe sometime in the 1830s much to the displeasure of those observing correct punctuation. This new punctuation watchdog is a fine example…

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